Happy Birthday BloB

Hip, hip, hurray! Theblogofbaphomet is one year old today!

Time for cake!

Time for cake!

Over our first year we’ve had tens of thousands of visits to the site and have published almost 100 posts, amounting to over 49,000 words, read by people in 130 different countries!

The opportunity to express and share our ideas, and of course to receive feedback from you, dear readers, has been brilliant.

If there are particular things you’d like to see us writing about please let us know, and budding contributors to the blog can find our style sheet HERE.

And since the role of mindfulness practice in chaos magick has been one of our key themes, why not light a few candles and incense, and enjoy the short meditation HERE?

Very best wishes to you all 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday BloB

  1. Joakim Waern says:

    Congrats and thanks for this nice meditation piece. I now have coffee covering my computer and desk.

  2. ~ Ariel says:

    Hip Hip Hurray ! ~ Happy Birthday, BloB, Joyeux Anniversaire, Party on (cool cake!), and BIG Thanks to all contributors : this is my favorite Blog on the Planet !~

    The Dalek meditation, (absolutely fabulous, darlings!) btw, has now reached Paris, where, believe it or not, it is being put to good use by several emminent occult practioners, and…the staff of a top Model Agency to attempt preserve their sanity during the ordeal that is: The Couture Fashion Shows ! 😉 ~

    Big Love and gratitude ! x

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