Chaos Streams 01, by members of the IOT

As we reach the deepest darkness of the northern year and await the return of the sun, I’m very pleased to announce the publication of the latest installment in the story of chaos magic; Chaos Streams 01 – written, illustrated and published by members of the British Isles Section of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros.


In this volume you will discover first person accounts of magical explorations, descriptions of techniques, philosophical reflections and tales of high strangeness. These are the diverse voices of individual practitioners who gather together to do group magical work as members of the Pact.

Chaos Streams includes a comprehensive history of chaos magic as well as essays on ceremonial BDSM, Zen and chaos, spirit possession, the relationship between science and occultism, life-hacking, entheogenics, Tibetan ritual paraphernalia, devotional yoga, esoteric ethics, invisibility and more, 193 pages of fabulous practical magic! This is a wide-ranging collection that demonstrates the multiplicity of styles and techniques that are part of the IOT today.

Copies are now available as paperback  £8

And on Kindle 99p

We hope that you will enjoy and be inspired by this manifestation of our magic.

Have a Cool Yule & Choyofaque!


5 thoughts on “Chaos Streams 01, by members of the IOT

  1. Lunam Grove says:

    Wonderful! This looks amazing! Sol Invictus!

  2. […] Chaos Streams 01, by members of the IOT, out now!, por Julian Vayne en The Blog of Baphomet (en inglés). […]

  3. Mick Norris says:

    High I was in the IOT at the start ,but kept to Thelema after about 85, im interested in how our british scene is going now, ive worked alone and with friends since then,and finaly wanting to look around again,

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