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Workshops and other appearances

Many people know me as a speaker at conferences and festivals. I also lead retreats, workshops, ceremonies and other events. You can find details of these on the Deep Magic page or on Facebook. If you want to keep up to date with events by email please let me know. If you’re interested in having me lecture at your public event, or if you would like  a private ritual experience for your group, please get in touch.



Over the years I’ve been honoured to be celebrant for many Handfastings, I’ve done Namings, Requiems and other Rites of Passage too. I’m able to facilitate a ceremony that works for you and your community, please contact me with your requirements. (You can read about some of my celebrant  work in this article.)


Tarot consultation

I’m a specialist in the tarot and have been reading for it others for forty years. I’ve published on the subject of tarot, taught it in formal academic settings, read for visitors during residences (like the one at The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic) and at numerous festivals.  My style of reading blends intuitive insights with a client-centred, empowering approach, helping you to reflect on your situation as it stands, and to positively engage with future possibilities. The tarot is a valuable counselling tool which will give you an opportunity to look at your situation in an objective way, helping you make decisions that are smarter and more in tune with your values and aims.

To arrange a session please drop me an email


I am an experienced teacher and mentor (my academic background is in Teaching and Learning Theory and Practice). I enjoy collaborating with other people and helping them discover their own unique Way. I’m  familiar with a wide variety of religious, esoteric, and philosophical schools which allows me to maintain a supportive, informed and non-dogmatic approach to mentoring, whatever your path.

My role as mentor is to help you on your journey and act as a spiritual friend. As an ally in your spiritual development I’m able to suggest beneficial approaches and techniques. I can help you reflect on your practice (especially if you are predominantly a solitary practitioner). My role is to inspire and encourage you, and to provide support in times of initiation and spiritual crisis.

For those I mentor I provide regular video chat sessions, plus regular email contact.  I often create additional video and audio resources to support those I mentor. If you’re interested in a mentoring or coaching relationship please get in touch and let’s begin our conversation.


Online teaching

This is your chance for an online one-to-one teaching session. Alternatively we can arrange a discussion, workshop or lecture for your coven, community or group. Subjects I have taught include: the history of Western esotericism, the tarot, magical signs, sigils and talismans, scrying and trance techniques, altered states and magic, medicine ceremony practices, psychogeography, witchcraft and Wicca. I’ve taught esoteric studies in a wide variety of settings including as guest lecturer on post-graduate academic courses.

To arrange a teaching session please contact me and we can discuss what subject you are interested in exploring, and how many participants will be joining us. 


Supported Psychedelic Experiences

I provide one-to-one psychedelic sessions. I work with you to provide a process that will help you safely and effectively achieve your desired result. The psychedelic state provides us with many possibilities: from increasing our problem-solving capabilities, to helping us come to terms with life’s challenges (such as trauma, end of life anxiety or chronic illness). The psychedelic state can stimulate our creativity and potentially accelerate our spiritual evolution, giving us an opportunity to experience ecstasy, transformation and a deep connection between the self and the universe. Psychedelic states, when carefully guided, have remarkable healing effects on many health issues including addictions, psychosomatic illnesses, depression and anxiety.

While the psychedelic experience can be healing it may also be something you simply want to explore out of curiosity in a safer supported setting. Whatever your motivation a suitably structured psychedelic experience will leave you feeling inspired, relaxed and  well.

Where licensing permits I use a variety of psychedelic medicines for this work (usually in The Netherlands). In other settings I use breathwork, guided imagery and other methods to help you access a profound psychedelic state. My practice is about empowering your journey; listening to you to determine the right approach, rather than imposing a particular ‘medical clinical’ or ‘traditional religious’ framework on your psychedelic experience. I will act as guide, sitter and supporter on your psychedelic journey and continue to work with you in person or via Skype to help you integrate the experience.

If you are interested in a Supported Psychedelic Experience please get in touch. Let me know what your intention is and what kind of session you feel you may benefit from.

For more details please see my page Psychedelic Integration UK.


Psychedelic Integration  sessions

I provide sessions over Skype for people who want an experienced, non-judgmental practitioner to speak with to help them integrate their psychedelic experiences.

To arrange a session please drop me an email


I produce various art objects, many of these are the material traces left by ceremonial activity. A small number are specially manufactured items. Some of my artwork includes erotic content.

Selected artworks will be made available for sale beginning in 2019 from my gallery.


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