Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

As Twelfth Night passes, the magic of the new year beckons! I hope this post finds you well after enjoying the Yuletide festivities, and ready for a suitably Discordian and magical 2023.

During 2022 I’ve been brewing a few big projects that I’d like to share with you now. The first is news about the art I’ve been creating. As you may have seen from my social media, over the last four years I’ve been posting more and more of my magical artworks. Last year I was honoured to be invited to exhibit work at the Trans-States conference and—breaking news!—this November I will be showing my work in St Ives, Cornwall, alongside two other magical artists. Many people have asked if they can purchase my art so in response I’ve created a gallery of works for sale on my website.

Another major project is my Paths of Inner Power series of Qabalistic pathworkings. I’ve really enjoyed creating fully immersive soundscapes to accompany my words, it’s been time-consuming to put together but the results are powerfully evocative. The first set of audio journeys, which guide users from Malkuth to Netzach, are available from the Treadwell’s Books website which also has more details. If you use the code JuliansPath you’ll get a 40% discount (valid until the 5th of February). Further pathworkings will be released later this year.

More big news is that Breaking Convention, Europe’s largest psychedelic research conference, is back! In 2023 we’re waving goodbye to London and hello to the beautiful campus of the University of Exeter. To find out more, or to buy tickets, click here, to submit a proposal for a talk, installation, film or other contribution, or ask a question, please use this link. This is going to be an amazing event and I very much hope to see you there!

I’m going to be offering more classes with Treadwell’s during 2023. For now, we have two online sessions coming up: Opening the Pathways to the New Year to help us manifest our intentions in 2023; and next month a technique rich lecture on The Magic of Place – Psychogeography. Both sessions can be attended live, or accessed as recordings for you to watch at your convenience. There’s lots of other great content available through the Treadwell’s online talks and workshops program. I particularly recommend my friend Levannah Morgan’s sessions, her next one is on Traditional Charms later this month.

Well, that’s all for now! Wishing all of us in the north a glorious return of the sun, and those down-under a beautiful descent into the nourishing darkness.



One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Julian! Looks like it’s gonna be a productive year for you my friend!

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