Review: Changing Paths by Yvonne Aburrow

We live in accelerated times. Our options seem almost limitless and we could be forgiven for feeling confused and paralyzed as we try and find our way forwards. We are flooded by new information and opinions and it can feel deeply challenging to quieten down in order to find our own internal wisdom. Hearing the deepest longings of lives can be especially tough when trying to find our spiritual home but thankfully Yvonne Aburrow’s excellent new book Changing Paths is here to help us.

Yvonne is open from the outset that this is a deeply personal for them. Faced with their own deconstructive process as a Christian teenager they moved through Atheism before connecting deeply with the initiatory path of Gardnerian Wicca. They described this as a profound “coming home” and the book helpfully returns to Yvonne’s own process as a lens for understanding the pains, challenges and opportunities that seem central to walking such a path.

Yvonne takes us on a deep dive into the nature of religion and how the communal dimensions of shared beliefs and practices can offer us a sense of “binding and connection”. While ones religious path can be followed as a solitary, for Aburrow the richness of spirituality practiced in community offer for them the most robust means for exploring the importance of lived ethics and social engagement. At best the warmth of close knit coven, heathen hearth or Buddhist meditation group provide a counter-cultural space is which the potential burn-out of our activism can identified and held collectively.

Yvonne’s work (reviewed here and here) is renowned for its emphasis on radical social justice and inclusion and Changing Paths is no different. This is a book that considers closely both the use and misuse of power. While not innately critical of any specific religious traditions, they do challenge us to consider the potential physical and psychological vulnerabilities that can be associated with adopting a child-like naivety within more exoteric forms of belief. Aburrow is clear that Pagan paths are far from exempt from expressing these shadow aspects of power and control and they offer some searching questions of us to consider so that our awareness of consent remains centralised within our ethics.

The author is clear that the direction of travel can go any number of ways; Pagans can become Christians, Hindus can become atheists and people can move between differing traditions and theological positions while under the broad umbrella of a religious label. In this book Yvonne invites us to a position of spiritual adulthood where our personal choices and preferences are honoured as an expression of who we are and aspire to be. We are encouraged to tune into our deeper self and I especially enjoyed the series of reflective questions and meditative exercises that accompany each chapter as a means of furthering and personalising the issues that each chapter raises.

Aburrow’s own journey took them not only into initiatory Wicca but also into the Unitarian denomination. Yvonne uses this experience as a doorway into issues relating to Universalism, syncretism and the dangers of cultural appropriation. In its well-intentioned liberal project in trying to honour all religious paths and emphasise the apparent commonalities between them Unitarianism (and other versions of the perennial philosophy) are in danger of creating a theological flat-land in which the unique contribution of a tradition may struggle to be valued. In contrast Aburrow explores an arguably more postmodern form of radical particularity whereby the authentic and specific voice of each tradition are allowed to exist alongside each other without premature attempts at homogenization.

Yvonne’s own wrestling with these questions has led them to committing more deeply to a Wiccan path as they felt that the archetype of the Witch provided a more integrated connection to the earth, sexuality and immanence as “the source of dreams, darkness (and) the deep well of the unconscious”. The longing for an emergent spiritual tradition that was able to own its own failings and human origins felt more in keeping with their pursuit of a magical path that would truly nurture their activism and expression of Priesthood.

The Crossroads as a place of decision and power…

My own journey of spiritual deconstruction has been far from clean or well organised. In moving from orthodox Christianity to a more Pagan form of magical practice, I was acutely aware of the disapproval of my friends and former community. To be viewed as some kind of apostate who has relinquished salvation is never going to be easy, but neither is being dishonest about who we are and need to become. While being able to listen honestly to our own needs and the shape of our personality may ultimately necessitate us taking the brave and painful steps of leaving an identity, a group and a community behind, in not doing so we risk stunting our evolution and making ourselves smaller than we truly are.

I would highly recommend Yvonne’s thoughtful and accessible guide to anyone exploring these questions for themselves or for those seeking to make sense of the difficult journeys they may have already taken. For me this book was a healing balm in helping me make further sense of the steps I needed to take. Initiation is rarely easy, but the golden goal of taking our truest and emerging form is an alchemy worth pursuing!

Steve Dee

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Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

As Twelfth Night passes, the magic of the new year beckons! I hope this post finds you well after enjoying the Yuletide festivities, and ready for a suitably Discordian and magical 2023.

During 2022 I’ve been brewing a few big projects that I’d like to share with you now. The first is news about the art I’ve been creating. As you may have seen from my social media, over the last four years I’ve been posting more and more of my magical artworks. Last year I was honoured to be invited to exhibit work at the Trans-States conference and—breaking news!—this November I will be showing my work in St Ives, Cornwall, alongside two other magical artists. Many people have asked if they can purchase my art so in response I’ve created a gallery of works for sale on my website.

Another major project is my Paths of Inner Power series of Qabalistic pathworkings. I’ve really enjoyed creating fully immersive soundscapes to accompany my words, it’s been time-consuming to put together but the results are powerfully evocative. The first set of audio journeys, which guide users from Malkuth to Netzach, are available from the Treadwell’s Books website which also has more details. If you use the code JuliansPath you’ll get a 40% discount (valid until the 5th of February). Further pathworkings will be released later this year.

More big news is that Breaking Convention, Europe’s largest psychedelic research conference, is back! In 2023 we’re waving goodbye to London and hello to the beautiful campus of the University of Exeter. To find out more, or to buy tickets, click here, to submit a proposal for a talk, installation, film or other contribution, or ask a question, please use this link. This is going to be an amazing event and I very much hope to see you there!

I’m going to be offering more classes with Treadwell’s during 2023. For now, we have two online sessions coming up: Opening the Pathways to the New Year to help us manifest our intentions in 2023; and next month a technique rich lecture on The Magic of Place – Psychogeography. Both sessions can be attended live, or accessed as recordings for you to watch at your convenience. There’s lots of other great content available through the Treadwell’s online talks and workshops program. I particularly recommend my friend Levannah Morgan’s sessions, her next one is on Traditional Charms later this month.

Well, that’s all for now! Wishing all of us in the north a glorious return of the sun, and those down-under a beautiful descent into the nourishing darkness.