The Book of Baphomet

We are no longer selling signed copies of this book online.

Please order your (unsigned, but still lovely!) hardcover copy direct from Mandrake of Oxford.

The Kindle edition is available here.


From the back cover:
“You hold in your hands the material result of many years hard craft. This Book contains some of the secrets of Life itself; or rather, the occult deity of Life on Earth, Baphomet. Horned, vital, beautiful, awe full, our aeons old Chaos Magick idol finds a name from the Knights’ Templar, then goes incognito through the Enlightenment (when flourished those great natural philosophers beloved of science historians), before emerging via devil worship and witchcraft into this era of Deep Ecology. Darwin could have used a picture of Baphomet as his frontispiece, to demonstrate the one flesh from which all species originate. Contacting this Great Spirit, the anima mundi, allows access to a new way of ordering the world, with fresh visions of how and why we could Live. Here the authors weave strands from their lives into a rich tapestry of images, which might give you a pointer or two towards your own self-realisation, whilst amusing, entertaining, and instructing along the way. Revolution, evolution, leap beyond the apocalypse to the Now!”

9 thoughts on “The Book of Baphomet

  1. Joakim Waern says:

    So how about shipping to Sweden?

    • Hi Joakim,

      It depends on the delivery method; see for price tables. The Book of Baphomet plus packaging weighs ~600g. I’d suggest surface mail for you, as Sweden is relatively close to here 🙂 so that makes it £6 for p&p.
      Adding on another £5.15 for signature on delivery seems sensible to me!

      For countries further afield, Airsure would be a better choice than surface mail, as it includes tracking to the destination address, and is far quicker. To Sweden this would make the cost £12.50 (I’m adding on ~£1 for packaging costs as well as the postage).

      Can people write to us direct via our email address (see above) for an exact price quote, as otherwise this comments thread will get v full of irrelevant numbers and back and forth negotiations!

      Also please remember this is a public page so do not post your address details here.

  2. Hi Sean, I removed the details of the transaction from here as it is a public page. We’ve got your details saved, so do not fear your book will be with you asap 🙂

  3. boris says:

    Please make the Kindle edition available for the US! 😀

  4. EachUisge says:

    Hello! I purchased this on kindle and finished it in 2 days..I was. completly hooked. You guys did an outstanding. job, bringing forth a “new” old way of thought. Chapter 1 is just Awesome. I can’t wait to read your future books!!

  5. captain mission says:

    i wish i could have my copy signed, i’ve found it a most beautiful and elegant read, and it appears to completely align with my own perceptions of the universe although i could never articulate it as well as you have in your book, so thank you, and i look forwards to many more books in the future.

  6. Hi there,
    Is it too late for me to get an autographed copy of this wonderful book for myself? I’ve read most of it quite awhile ago now from a friend’s copy and I just loved it! I do remember reading about getting an autographed copy quite awhile ago on this blog but like far too many things “mundane life matters quite often get in the way”.

    I do hope that it’s not too late as you are two authors whom I admire immensely. Also can you please let me know if I can get it shipped to Australia as well? If not I guess I will have to be content with either a Kindle copy or a hard copy from Amazon.
    Blessings from CazWytch )O(

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