The Heart of the Matter: a Magical Response to COVID-19

As many of us are now showing our solidarity by being on retreat I’d like to make a suggestion for some shared magical work to address the coronavirus pandemic.

This working was initially suggested by a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros and I’d like to thank that Brother for starting the process.

Many people will be already be doing magical work in many different ways and what I’m suggesting here allows for that diversity. We needs lots of approaches to address this crisis, in multiplicity there is strength.

To help link our magical work together this is the suggested sigil which has been named ‘Hearty’ for all the obvious reasons:

The sigil can be used as a focal point for various types of magical action including:

Sending vibes of solidarity, care, admiration and positive power to all those in the caring professions, teachers, medical staff and the many others who are at the front line in this pandemic.

Conjuring for breakthroughs in medicine, treatment, the discovery of a vaccine and other technologies and approaches to reduce suffering and support healing.

Sending spells to directly affect the virus to reduce its rate of transmission and severity.

Doing some classic shamanistic or trance work to enter the imaginal world and battle the virus.

Calling into manifestation those timelines in which our species respond to this challenge in ways that support better ways of living together on the planet and with all our relations (both human and non-human).

There are many other ways you could choose to work with the sigil. Your practice could be as simple as creating your own image of Hearty or bringing it up on screen and making prayers of gratitude and asking whatever spirits you work with for their help.

You could try some Tonglen practice using Hearty as the gateway image, breathing in the suffering of those affected by the virus and breathing out the alleviation of suffering through the symbol. (Only recommended for experienced practitioners who are in a good mental state.)

You could also use Hearty as a visual focus while speaking aloud to yourself or a friend (including over audio/video channels) and together create a ‘future nostalgia’. “Do you remember how it was that COVID-19, for all the sadness it brought, finally helped us come together as one people to address climate change and wealth inequality? Do you remember how we found a really effective and simple antidote to the virus and how wonderful the celebrations were when we emerged from our retreats? etc”.

An additional resource that you might want to include in this work is this soundtrack generated from the genome of the virus.

Here’s an example of a practice with Hearty, developed by a magical friend who is working in an intensive care unit, nursing people with the coronavirus:

Breathing with Good Heart

A breathing exercise/ritual. Can be used alone as a meditation or prayer using the sigil, or as part of a larger piece of ritual work. At a time when we face a respiratory disease, this focuses on breath as a tool to share collective prayer and ritual. Use the sigil, either printed or drawn in front of you, or in your mind. Imagine the sigil as a compass and use four cardinal points for each breath. You could draw the sigil on the floor and stand in it as your magical circle, turning to each direction as you perform the ritual.

Come to a still, centred state of awareness.

Place one hand to my chest, the other outstretched

“For my kin, for my kind, I will offer 5 breaths.”

In the East, breathe in deeply and say

“Inspiration – the breath of life that is Air

A consciousness higher, let us meet there.”

Bring attention to the element of Air.

In the South, breathe deeply and say:

“A breath for the flames that bring action and light

For passion for love, rise after the night.”

Bring attention to the element of Fire.

In the West, breathe deeply and say:

“A breath for the Water that cleanses and flows

For the tears, for the dreams, for the depths unknown.”

Bring attention to the element of Water.

In the North, breathe deeply and say:

“Inhale now and root deeply into the Earth

For the here, for the now, for the death and rebirth.”

Bring attention to the element of Earth.

Facing upwards.

“A breath for the Spirit that binds us as one

For unity, for truth, now the circle is spun.”

Take a final moment to allow your intention to pass into all those people, situations and objects that will help us in this time. 


Obviously whatever magical work you do this needs to be combined with physical care for ourselves and others in our community.

We’re already seeing many heartening examples of community solidarity. A friend in Barcelona tells me that at 8pm each evening people come onto their balconies to clap and cheer in support of their medical staff. Let us, as Witches, Magicians, Shamans, Druids, Thelemites and others, create a global circle of power at this time of crisis and transformation. Let us be of good heart and breathe life into this magic!

Blessings on our Great Work and Happy Equinox!

Julian Vayne

19 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter: a Magical Response to COVID-19

  1. Roni Gail says:

    Bless you Julian for all these shining suggestions. May I share as much as possible. I was going to suggest a few for our working groups, but you have said it all. The Herbal shamanic work I was goibg to address in terms of self healing and prevention using anti viral herbs. And the visualisation of cleansing, sweeping away the virus with elemental power. All can work this, no great experience required.
    The sigil will prove very
    valuable. Keep well. Xx

  2. rachel webb says:

    Thanks so much, Julian. I have found this and your last post really helpful in these stranger-than-ever times. I would have been doing a Spring Equinox ceremony with my shamanic circle tomorrow, now we are doing it together but physically apart. I’ll be incorporating this sigil and the lovely Breathing with Good Heart ritual into my day of trance, magical work and celebration of Spring. With love from the West of Ireland x

  3. Felipe says:

    Hi Julian!
    I would like to translate this for Spanish speaking communities, would that be alright?
    It is indeed a great idea.
    Xx regards

  4. Rachel Webb says:

    Thank you so much for this and your last post, Julian. Really helpful in this even-more-weird-than-usual time we’re living through. I was due to take part in a Spring equinox ceremony with my local shamanic circle tomorrow – which we are now doing together but physically separately. I will be including the lovely Breathing with Good Heart ritual in my own ritual/celebration – such simple words to use in the usual calling of the four directions. It’s also good to have a symbol to share so that all of our individual rituals for healing have one focal/power point.

  5. Krjl says:

    Hi, I’m new to all of this. What can I do? Where can I start? What’s the easier for someone inexperienced? I would really love to do something about ‘Calling into manifestation those timelines’. How do I keep my energy up and channel it in a way that is positive? Getting hard this days with all the worries.
    Any advice is much appreciated.


    • Hi Krjl. As a suggestion: place the sigil somewhere prominently in your home (displayed on a device would be fine, or better yet draw it out). Take a few breaths to centre yourself. Imagine that you are standing outside with friends sometime in the near-ish future. In your imagination, or aloud to yourself, speak about how COVID-19 led to the kind of changes you think would benefit yourself and all other beings. Use whatever words come from your heart, don’t worry about doings things ‘properly’ what matters, in my experience, is authenticity. Then spend some time actively cultivating your own wellbeing with a little mindfulness mediation, yoga, dance or whatever works for you. Make the magical link ‘as I care for myself I open myself to the possibility of this wonderful future for us all.’ Wishing you all the best. Julian

  6. Rob Maynard says:

    thank you Julian this is a great article and cleansing empowerment ritual, i will gladly follow suit. keep well and keep going to you and yours much love ❤

    On Fri, 20 Mar 2020 at 03:50, The Blog of Baphomet wrote:

    > The Blog of Baphomet posted: ” As many of us are now showing our > solidarity by being on retreat I’d like to make a suggestion for some > shared magical work to address the coronavirus pandemic. This working was > initially suggested by a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros and I’d ” >

  7. Tim Dalling says:

    “An additional resource that you might want to include in this work is this soundtrack generated from the genome of the virus.”
    I’m curious how you generate soundtrack from a genome. Great sigil.

    • Hi Tim, I understand the gemone was published on line in order to share it with the virology community. Not sure how the artist converted the string into sounds exactly. Maybe ask via their soundcloud page. Stay well, stay high! Julian

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  10. Ian Sherred says:

    Thank you so much for this and for your other posts Julian, they really do help in so many ways. I would say I was late to the party on this one, but it’s a party that’s still in full swing, alas. Anyway, I shall be incorporating Hearty into my own practice, and I’ve passed on the link to some like-minded friends. Stay well!

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