The Fool & The Mirror: Essays on Magic, Art & Identity

The Fool & The Mirror reflects the latest work of occultist and writer Julian Vayne. Step through this magical looking glass and into a wonderland populated by artist sorcerers, cross-dressing witches, entheogenic adventurers, subterranean shamans, magical arachnids, DMT elves and many more!This wide-ranging volume offers examples of practical how-to-do magic embedded within the author’s lived narrative, and essays on landscape, queer identity, occult philosophy and politics, witchcraft, and drugs… he approaches writing as an artistic endeavour, conjuring scenes for the reader that are rich in meaning and powerfully evocative. Julian Vayne is known for his lively style, clarity of explanation, and inspirational insights.

Down the rabbit hole we go…”



Baphomet of the Geosphere