Merry Jol!

Wow! As the wheel of the year turns, we note with great delight that The Blog of Baphomet has reached 30,023 views! 🙂

Many thanks for the thoughtful comments, and for your continued interest in the site; we very much enjoy sharing our work with you all.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed an increasing diversity of authors appearing, and we would like to extend this opportunity to an even wider range of voices. If you think you have something suitable for submission, please contact us at

Stylesheet: Keep pieces to a maximum of about 1,000 words. We like to hear of your own personal encounters with magickal praxis, and how these provoke thoughts on other matters. We wish to encourage a generous and curious approach to writing about magick, which promotes exploration and discovery for the reader. We will edit pieces for correct grammar and spelling, whilst retaining the true character of the author’s style. Send your text as either .rtf or .doc format. Any pictures to be included should be sent as separate attachments.

Enjoy the festive season as you see fit, with those you love.

A cake, yesterday (@ St Nectan's Glen)

A  Yule log cake, yesterday, @ St Nectan’s Glen.

If you find yourself lacking a decent dinner party conversational starters please feel free  to browse though our back catalogue if you have not yet done so, there are some real gems in there. Also we heartily recommend the German website Chaos-Magazin, for some accounts from the cutting edge of magickal Technik.


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