From Acid to Eleusis: in praise of Bicycle Day

A few reflections on the ritual that I led last night in London on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s historic LSD enhanced bicycle ride.


Me and Gaia and the grain of the Goddess

Big shout out to Gaia Harvey Jackson who held space with me, V2 for her generous contributions of hospitality, musical instruments and marvellous blotters badges, and all participants who came with us on the journey through wartime Europe to ancient Eleusis and onward to our psychedelic future.

Respect to the psychonauts, the medicine carriers, the alchemists and all the advocates for the beneficial use of  psychedelic sacraments.


Altar of the magical medicine LSD 25


Julian Vayne

Psychedelic Meditation

I’ve was fortunate last year to be invited to speak at gatherings of both the Birmingham and London Psychedelic Society. This organisation is part of a rapidly emerging new wave of psychedelic culture; from legitimate scientific, academic and medical research, growing Medicine Path movements, and suggestions that tripping is something that lots of the kids these days are doing. In the political sphere there are changes too; liberalisation of laws and even indications that the failed War On (Some) Drugs may, slowly, be coming to an end.

Though pretty broccoli is not a sacred plant because it doesn't get you high

Though pretty, broccoli is not a sacred plant because it doesn’t get you high

Of course ‘psychedelic’ can refer to a certain state (or states) of awareness and substances (‘sacred medicines’, ‘sacraments’ or ‘drugs’) are only one way to access these states of mind. Meditation, guided visualisations or what, in dayes of yore, were called ‘pathworkings’ are another powerful way to change of consciousness.

With this in mind, I present here a recording of the meditation that I provided to the London Psychedelic Society (at a gathering in early December themed around Life and Death). The material in this talk is, in part, derived from The Book of Baphomet. Elements of that book were inspired by ritual work with several entheogens (notably ketamine, 5-MeO-DMT and LSD) but, while this recording could be combined with those or other chemical allies, it can also be enjoyed without them.

Find a suitable space and a comfortable position, press play and enjoy!