Chaos Craft: Kindle edition

Cue fanfare… Due to popular demand, we can announce that Julian Vayne & Steve Dee’s “Chaos Craft” will be available worldwide on Kindle from the 2nd February. Pre-order yours here today!

Click here for trailer!!!

Click here for trailer!!!

You will need to click through to your appropriate country’s branch of Amazon in order to see the price, and then you can press the “Buy” button. (Equivalent to US$7.50, €6.49, £4.95. You won’t be charged until Feb, when the book gets delivered automatically.) 

More info on the print edition here.

The content of the Kindle edition is identical to the printed book, with the addition that some pictures are now in colour.

Feedback on Chaos Craft from our customers has been universally high, with Treadwells’ Bookshop recently choosing it as their Pick of the Week.

Anyone who works with the Wheel of the Year 8-fold solar festival system, and/or has leanings towards Chaos Magick, should find much of interest to them. The book documents the birth of this ‘new tradition’, the inspirations of the collective which developed the Chaos Craft idea, and detailed descriptions of the practices created, as well as many thoughtful essays on a range of related subjects.

We invite you to post a comment below, if you have already bought this book!

Chaos Craft: The Book

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Blending together the essences of Chaos Magic and modern Paganism, this book records the emergence of the new tradition of Chaos Craft. Many of the essays presented here were first brewed up in New pictures and fresh essays add spice to these existing writings. Some of which, previously unavailable, comprise the secret rituals of this unashamedly syncretic form of occultism.

The potion you may sample inside is infused with the flavours of Gurdjieff, mindfulness meditation, trance-bodywork, entheogenics, Wiccan and Sabbatic Craft. The mixture has been diligently stirred widdershins for two years as the Wheel of the Year cycled through the Colours of Chaos.

The explorations, the questions, the techniques and reflections presented here are part of an ongoing magical work. Like the figure of Baphomet hirself (patron deity of Chaos Craft), the elixir pouring from this cauldron is redolent with the rich alchemical scents of what modern magicians do.

Would you care for a sip?

Book and contents picture

Available now, collected together within a physical volume, we present fifty-six posts from The Blog of Baphomet’s two year project Chaos Craft. Combining the chaos magick 8 colour system, with the 8 festivals of the witchcraft wheel of the year, the authors recorded their own musings, the rituals created by their group, and some of the theoretical underpinnings of the group’s workings.

Including previously unpublished material; four new essays, a collection of poetic couplets describing the turning of the year, and with chapters detailing three additional key ritual practices, this volume provides a handy way to browse your favourite writings from those masters of thinking in depth about doing magick, and doing plenty of thoughtful magick, Julian Vayne and Steve Dee.

With a revised text, and many new original pictures, this collection allows the Chaos Craft hybrid to reveal itself as a vibrant, modern path rooted firmly in traditional ground. Written with gentle humour, erudite philosophy, repeated self-reflection and curiosity about what this path may lead to, Chaos Craft is nothing less than a journal of the emergence of a new tradition.

Book outside and inside picture

Comprising 257 pages with 69 b&w pictures, contained in a matt softback, the book provides a pleasurable way to access and browse some of your favourite writings.

Now available from your local Amazon website, for £12. Chaos Craft is also on Kindle, for £4.95.

Chaos Craft. The tradition of tomorrow, today.