Chaos Craft: Kindle edition

Cue fanfare… Due to popular demand, we can announce that Julian Vayne & Steve Dee’s “Chaos Craft” will be available worldwide on Kindle from the 2nd February. Pre-order yours here today!

Click here for trailer!!!

Click here for trailer!!!

You will need to click through to your appropriate country’s branch of Amazon in order to see the price, and then you can press the “Buy” button. (Equivalent to US$7.50, €6.49, £4.95. You won’t be charged until Feb, when the book gets delivered automatically.) 

More info on the print edition here.

The content of the Kindle edition is identical to the printed book, with the addition that some pictures are now in colour.

Feedback on Chaos Craft from our customers has been universally high, with Treadwells’ Bookshop recently choosing it as their Pick of the Week.

Anyone who works with the Wheel of the Year 8-fold solar festival system, and/or has leanings towards Chaos Magick, should find much of interest to them. The book documents the birth of this ‘new tradition’, the inspirations of the collective which developed the Chaos Craft idea, and detailed descriptions of the practices created, as well as many thoughtful essays on a range of related subjects.

We invite you to post a comment below, if you have already bought this book!

3 thoughts on “Chaos Craft: Kindle edition

  1. Any chance of it being available in other electronic formats, for those of us who do not have a Kindle?

    Sounds interesting.

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