Weaving the Wyrd – movement sorcery technique

This is a technique that I occasionally like to deploy. Rarely is it a planned ritual but more often than not it emerges as something I do after sitting mediation or bodywork. It’s also a method that blends quite nicely with some entheogenic allies (where it’s safe and legal to do so of course). For me this approach works because as someone with a back ground in Wicca, and the mash-up with chaos magick that I call Chaos Craft, the eight-fold wheel of the year and eight directions models are structures that I have deeply internalised. (However I’m sure this tech could be easily adapted to use other models.)

Formally mark the beginning of the ritual by ringing a bell or some other technique.

Stand in the centre of the space, in mountain asana, and become aware of the paradox that you are both the narrative reality of the body and Self/Selves (Zos) and also the ‘container’ of the limitless, chaotic, all-becoming, the indescribably vacuity that is Kia. Become the axis mundi and also the swirling Ginnungagap of possibility at the heart of the magick circle.

Using free-form movement or dance (with or without an instrument such as a rattle or background music if available) begin to move round the space. Become aware of the circle of the space and the eight directions. Feel into the relationship between the axis in the centre, your movements in the space and the eight points. As you circle around, dancing and moving, bring your attention to the powers, symbolism and time of year you associate with each direction (as per the model developed in Chaos Craft or some other system).

As you pass each direction of the circle listen to what comes up for you. In a certain place you may find yourself having your attention drawn to loved ones, to projects you’re engaged in, to difficulties you or others are experiencing or other impressions. You may find these somehow link with the symbolism of the directions. For example in the (northern latitudes, British) Chaos Craft model South West is associated with Lammas, Red Magick, cutting back what is no longer needed, harvesting etc. Perhaps this station of the circle will make your mindful of those relationships you need to end, or transform? To parts of yourself you want to burn up so that the ash can fertilise new possibilities, and so on.

Moving round the circle begin to see that you are in fact inside the Web of Wyrd, and that you are the ‘technician of the sacred‘ in this space. Use you arms, legs, gestures, sound and words to cut, plait, smooth and spin the lines of synchronicity and magic in the way that you Will (try to see or feel these links as though they were actual threads, tendrils or psychedelic tracers). As you move round the space your body becomes the needle, the loom, the weaver of magical change, interacting between the symbolic envelope (the eight sabbats/directions/colours), the issues that arise in your awareness, and yourself as the active magician making change in this model of reality (Knowing that; As Above, So Below.)

Making magickal passes

Making magickal passes

Once you feel that you have brought these threads of possibility into a new harmonious state, slow down your circumnambulations and come to stand again in the centre.

Make a prayer of thanks, or in some other way recognise and big-up the transformative power of the universe.

Let your breathing come back to normal ring the bell or repeat the marker you used to enter sacred space at the start of the practice.

…and you’re back in the room.



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