The Spheres of Chaos – Biosphere

The second realm in our sequence of The Spheres of Chaos is the Biosphere; the seething, fornicating, birthing and dying world of life. As the raw material of the Geosphere held the emergent complexity of life embedded as an implicate (and perhaps inevitable) force within it, so the Biosphere is the space within which our bodies are formed. It is in the next sphere, the Anthrosphere, that the centrality of humans and the products of our behaviours is described. But, as it says in The Book of Baphomet; ‘The Anthrosphere emerges from the Biosphere and remains critically dependent on it’. When we consider all life (using the model of the Five Spheres) we simultaneously acknowledge that we are part of this life, we are biological beings, and also (and here comes that Setian LHP vibe folks) that in some respects humans are radically different from the rest of Nature.

Within the Biosphere the twin serpents of DNA spin and twist, coding out millions of forms in continuously changing, morphing, adapting profusion. The constraints of the physical world anchor this wild multiplicity through adaptation to the environment. The sea of the late Triassic looked much like the sea of today and so the phenotype of ichthyosaurus reminds us of modern dolphins. Flesh adapts to the world in which it finds itself. One wave of gigantic reptilian life dies off (perhaps destroyed by a meteoric hammer blow) and new creatures flood in to the fill the evolutionary gaps. Ice-ages cover the Geosphere; life responds by getting all big and hairy.  But this relationship goes both ways.Through the subduction and cycling of the earth’s mantle the products of biology are folded within our planet. Coal and oil, the sleeping shadows of ancient life, rest deep in the earth. Flint, made from the bodies of archaic creatures, chalk sifted from the shells of innumerable prehistoric snails. And not only echos of life, there’s plenty of living things a long, long way down. Meanwhile high up in the atmosphere  (itself a mix of gases produced by biological activity)  tiny critters throng the skies. Our whole planet is touched by life.

The symbol connected with this sphere is the two-point up pentagram, sigil of Baphomet and of The Devil. Given the biological focus of this sphere we decided to work with this spirit as Pan, all-devourer and all-begetter. A God appearing in the sylvan landscape of childhood’s dream as The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and also as the insane sexual frenzy of Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan.

With hoofs of steel I race on the rocks

With hoofs of steel I race on the rocks

The recording below is of Aleister Crowley’s wonderful Hymn to Pan, one of the finest ritual poems of the 20th century. This was used as part of our ceremony.

Drumming, scourging, drinking and general wildness are perfect methods for connecting to this sphere.  The Biosphere witnesses our lust for life!



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