What I Did on my Holidays

I trust that all you lovely people are having an excellent festive season. Myself I’ve been being (as Keats put it) dilegently indolent; feasting, frolicing, hanging out with family and all that. Of course one keeps up a little meditative, yogic and ritual practice because, though we call it The Great Work, it’s also great fun. A Wiccan friend of mine once commented that doing ritual was about, ‘being as serious as you’ve ever needed to be, and at the same time having as much fun as you’ve ever had’.

Wonderfully lazy bastard

Romantic lazy bastard

During my meditations I had a flash of insight (which should always raise a wry Buddha-style grin when doing mindfulness practice). However I thought that, in the playful spirit of the season, I’d share this idea with you, gentle reader.

My insight was into the relationship between the Nine Magickal Reindeer of Santa Claus and the Chaos Craft Wheel of the Year. Each reindeer is linked to a particular Sabbat and Colour of Magick thus:


Yule – Octarine – Dancer – the reindeer spirit able to dance between paradigms, the unfixed colour of Octarine and the power of equipoise.

Imbolc – Green – Cupid – the spirit of love

March Equinox – Orange – Dasher – the rapid movement of thought and the air element is represented here.

Beltane – Purple – Vixen – the sexual impuse glyphed as the female fox.

Light Solstice – Gold/Yellow – Prancer – the Dancer of Yule but in a self-consciousness preening mode of egoic awareness.

Lammas – Red – Blitzen. The lightening; burning power of atmospheric electricity.

September Equinox – Blue – Donner – the Thunderer, Zeus, Jupiter etc.

Samhain – Black – Comet – a sinister omen of calamity and doom.

Rudolf of course (though his nose is red) sits at the centre of the chaosphere, acting as the sacred lamp of The Hermit or seeker. Through the fog of the Christmas night/illusion, he lights the way.

So I hope that’s cleared that one up 🙂

Merry Festive Season people and Happy New Year!

(I shall now get back to eating chocolates and watching TV)


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