It’s a New Baktun – Let’s Party!

So preparing for some ritual work in the Chaos Craft style – the symbols being Yule, North & Octarine. What could be better (and simpler 😉 ) than a good old fashioned cut-up dance party spell? So here for your enjoyment is ‘Milking Baphomet’. I’ll write up a full justifiction description of the ritual in due course.
With sincere thanks to the preacher featured here.



4 thoughts on “It’s a New Baktun – Let’s Party!

  1. S says:

    This is just awesome beyond description…..

  2. Thank you S 🙂 there’s another lovely rap by the gentleman featured in this track all about DMT and Kundalini (really!). I’m planning to remix that as an ambient tune suitable for use with Deep Meditation Therapy 😉 JV

  3. Gerry says:

    Julian, this is fantastic, just love it.

  4. Evelyn Welk says:

    Excellent reflection! Here’s to Baphomet dancing to your mix and more all across America. I for one will be sure to do my best to rock the house for Hir!!!

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