Speaking of Baphomet

I’ve been really pleased by the response to The Book of Baphomet (affectionately know to us as ‘BoB’). In common with most authors after a while (which in this case was four years) it becomes very hard to see  your own work. I’m so familiar with the text, with all its different voices and aspects, that to me it makes perfect sense. However one can never be too sure in a situation like this, and so it was with both happiness and some measure of relief that I read the comments from our readers (some of which are on the back cover of the book).

It’s also been great to get the first lot of feedback from people I don’t know personally. The first review I’ve seen so far is HERE is not only positive but also helped both Nikki and me to appreciate the structure of the book. We’d put the sections together as they seemed to fit so it’s great to get an outside view and see that the book goes (to quote sections from the review)

The authors start at the beginning, literally. The beginning of the universe starting at the big bang, and lead you on a cinematic mind trip through the beginnings of the formation of the galaxy…

Then onto the meat of the book, the origins of the god Baphomet, beginning with the Templars…

It all comes together in the middle of the book to allow you to view the entire tapestry, and everything is made clear. It then goes on to include the Pagan Horned God and modern representations up through Caroll’s re-interpretation of the god…

Then the book takes a sharp turn from history into the realm of personal experience…

The final section of the book details practical work and gives a five week exercise (Baphomet through the Spheres) to thoroughly explore an aspect of Baphomet weekly, leading up to full invocation at week 5. 

So thanks to the piece by Skyllaros I finally understand the structure of my own work! Brilliant!

There’s another review HERE – this time I suspect I know the author but what’s lovely about this one is that it’s really an account of their own magickal work of which BoB forms a part.

And the show really isn’t over yet. There are plans afoot to create a limited edition print based on some of the artworks created during the writing of BoB. There are also plans to create a future expanded edition of BoB which will be ‘uncut’ expect more artwork, more sex and more drugs…

BoB will also be mutating into other media, hence the trailers for the book. So, for your entertainment I’ve recorded one of the sections I wrote (there are genuinely portions of the text where I can’t tell if they were written by me or by Nikki). I hope you enjoy it…

Io Baphomet!


5 thoughts on “Speaking of Baphomet

  1. Good old Synchronicity! Your quote is exactly from the pages I read a few hours ago – and I’m really enjoying it, as well 🙂 All the beast!

  2. Schelli says:

    I have never looked forward to a book arriving as much as this one. I look forward to the ever evolving forms and mutations of this project as well….

  3. Gerry says:

    The book has a wonderful strucure that just fits, and flows with the reading, only a minority of occult books these days are structured so well. I needed to know more about Baphomet, this book helps me to see hir on lots of different levels but producing a coherent whole, worthy of the deity.

    • Thanks Gerry 🙂 the book is the outpouring of our work, rather than being a purely theoretical construction so I’m pleased that the structure works. Ain’t fractals wonderful?
      And we’re still learning about hir/them/us too!

  4. Skyllaros says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the mention, and glad you liked the review. I think the book was one that is really needed!

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