The Book of Baphomet – On sale now!

The Book of Baphomet ~ available from Mandrake of Oxford. Click here!

Something is pressing to come in, something big. That something appears beneath our history, shuddering, a great figure concealed under the fabric of reality. As it wakes, its motions send shockwaves across space-time. This thing is emerging, and human consciousness awakens to it, through it. We can see it lurking if we stride back through time, catch glimpses of its form and meaning. Some imagine it as a glittering object at the end of history. Some fear it as the incursion of abominable alien gods from the spaces between the stars. We welcome it, this force, this feeling, this enticingly ever-unveiling mystery.

Our name for this mystery is Baphomet.

Baphomet is a glyph, a word, a signal for something much larger. This glyph first appears with the persecution of The Order of the Knights Templar. It peers out at us, more than half a millennium later, horned and devilish from 19th century French occultism. It appears again within The Order of the Eastern Templars or OTO. More recently this name inflamed the minds of the founders of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros or IOT. Now it has broken through, beyond the precincts of any one temple. This book, in part, traces the gradual emergence of this new deity. Other voices in this volume weave further strands of this entity’s rich tapestry, the tracery revealing this Spirit within the commonplace. They describe the evolution of life on our planet and the memes that swarm around the curious relationship between those counterpoints our culture has created; Humanity and Nature. It is this interwoven relationship of all that lives which we know as Baphomet.


PS – Don’t forget that occult geeks have a chance to win a copy HERE

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