Finding your True Will, Yoruba style

In my experience chaos magick practitioners often engage in devotional practices. The ‘arbitrary’ nature of the chaos approach recognises that there are lots of different options, but that the core techniques –  of repeated practice, prayer and love, are what really matters – rather than the outward form of those devotions.

Part of traditional Ifa practice, the Ori Oriki is a devotional poem to Ori, which can be imagined as ‘one’s spiritual intuition and destiny’. I tend to think of it as similar to the Holy Guardian Angel in the western occult tradition. A detailed description of the use of this prayerful technique is included in my book Now That’s What I Call Chaos Magick.

Product placement

Product placement

I hope you enjoy the recording I’ve made of the Ori Oriki, and that it inspires your own investigations.


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