The Charge of The Horned God

I was reading The Wanton Green and came across a poem by Rufus Harrington which gave my Wiccan tendencies a little shiver of delight. I’ve added the sounds of fire, water and a drum, plus a few images of the Horned God of the witches, to the poem in this short film.

I hope you enjoy it


3 thoughts on “The Charge of The Horned God

  1. Fabulous, and shared on Facebook

  2. Thanks Dave 🙂 glad you like it, am just wrapping my head around Final Cut so expect more. I think video like this is an excellent new media stylee method for people to engage with poetry. Naturally since you shared the link loads of people have watched it. Such is your power my friend! 🙂 x

  3. Thanks for this, it is great!

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