Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

ﻻ ﺸﻲء ﺜﺎﺒﺖﻛﻞ ﺸﻲء ﻣﺒﺎﺡ

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

Baphomet – give me the sign of the Open Eye: Octarine rays shine

Double coiled, star formed snake, time travelling

Four-fold alphabet of ecstasy. You are the Tree, and the Snake.

We are the children of the Trees, embedded actions

You raise us toward the sun and the moon, greatest of all gods

Unfolding, opening, pouring forth upon the world with torrents of fire

Cell of undifferentiated possibility, such beauty, awe full to behold

All devourer, all begetter, Winged angel of Life

Male and female conjoined. I see myself, O my god

In your serpentine dance I see you, O my god

Ancient, New, Deep Space. You rest.

Your language speaks from star and stone, Loving to the very heart of the Earth

You make a road for the Spirit to pass over. Waving the wand

Drumming pulse of creation and obliteration, breathing easily

Wide awake to the world Begetter

All paths lead to your hearth, touching hands

Root of all things fresh as the day it was born

Bringer of death and decay, sleep and birth and love growing perfection, Branches made of air point to the sky

All pervading desire Opening as Love…

Transformer and Transgressor Doing magick

Axis of sky and land and sea in every blade of grass, every day’s eye.

Weaver of magick.

Folded legs Forked lightning that quickens all matter, creating laughter anew!

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