Crowleymass and the Cannabis debate

As a supporter of an end to the war on (some) drugs I’m very pleased to see that the British Parliament is finally going to have a debate about the current prohibition on the use of cannabis.

My own interest in this matter is that I believe that cannabis is a sacred plant, a religious sacrament. I also think that it’s enjoyable and that, as a Pagan, I don’t need to see the ideas of (as the Wiccan Charge of the Goddess puts it) ‘mirth’ and ‘reverence’ as mutually incompatible states. Add to this the excellent arguments for the medical and technical use of cannabis and hemp, and the history of racism (which is both the reason for the prohibition on this plant, as well as a method used to inflame people’s opinions against it) and the case for changing the law is a strong one.

This green and pleasant land

This green and pleasant land

The massively successful petition to the British government calling for the legalisation of cannabis was formally replied to by simply restating, without any references for evidence, the current government’s position – namely that ‘drugs are bad’ (except alcohol, and tobacco; plus, for the political classes cocaine, and, er.., cannabis).



However the large number of signatories means that supporters will get this discussed in The Commons. The good news for those of us who don’t want this debate to be simply an opportunity for our public servants to trot out the usual (evidence poor) opinions of prohibitionists, is that the discussions are to be led by Paul Flynn. Flynn is part of the committee that looks at petitions made using the government website (which was set up after the MPs’ expenses scandal to make government appear to be listening more successfully to the people ). He’s also a long-time supporter of cannabis law reform. In addition we have Jeremy Corbyn (Peace Be Upon Him) as leader of the opposition, who is also on record as being in favour of removing the ban on ganja.

Perhaps with a few Tory libertarians in tow, with the single Green MP on board, and maybe others, we may see some real developments towards ending these wasteful (of money), distressing (in terms of making otherwise lawful citizens outlaws) and pointless (prohibition simply doesn’t work at curbing drug use) laws.

I’d encourage people to write to their MP to ask them attend this debate and press for reform. Have a look at this link which gives an outline letter, and information about how to contact your MP. If you’re like me, you may also wish to add something to the information given about the right to use cannabis being a religious issue, and one of cognitive liberty.

You may also choose listen to this soundtrack while you do this important magical work. The mix includes the original trailer for the film Reefer Madness, The Orb, Junior Mervin & Dillinger with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, and a classic track by HÖH & Current 93. I’ve selected the Current 93 track as the date of the debate just happens to be the birthday of one Aleister Crowley; what a lovely present for the 140th anniversary of The Great Beast!

Beastly law

Beastly law

Time to contact your MP is limited, the debate is fast approaching. If you’re going to do this, why not do it now? Copy the info from the CLEAR site, paste it into an email for your MP, add your own points and send that message. Enjoy!


One thought on “Crowleymass and the Cannabis debate

  1. Example form letter – just sent my one 😀


    As I trust you are aware a debate will soon be taking place concerning the current prohibition on the cultivation and use of cannabis.

    I would encourage you to consider the evidence that the time is right to move towards ending the current (and indeed failed) prohibition on the use of this substance.

    I offer as evidence the following:

    1. Legal regulation of cannabis will be much safer for everyone than the present criminal market.
    2. £6 billion every year is spent on cannabis and it all goes to criminals.
    3. I want to see cannabis available to adults only through licensed outlets with proper labelling and quality control.
    4. I want to see formally retailed cannabis taxed so that, as in Colorado (and other States in the USA and several other nations), we can invest millions more in schools and hospitals.
    5. Many people need access to medicinal cannabis for which there is now strong scientific evidence.

    Cannabis is 114 times safer than alcohol:

    No link between adolescent cannabis use and later health problems:

    Click to access adb-adb0000103.pdf

    ‘Medicinal Cannabis:The Evidence’:

    Click to access medicinal_cannabis_the_evidence2.pdf

    Taxation of cannabis market net annual gain to the UK economy up to £9.5 billion:

    Click to access TaxUKCan.pdf

    I would add to this that cannabis use is a part of a number of established and emerging spiritual traditions:

    It is also the case that the use this substance may be considered part of the broader right of cognitive liberty:

    Please will you support and vote for legal regulation of cannabis?

    Yours sincerely,

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