On Building the Body of God

Baphomet. The perfect synthesised deity for the Modern Age, right? The God powerful enough, forceful enough, cunning enough, subtle enough… to break the stultifying force that sits over the world.

I call it the Mundane Spell; this reality field is all around us and it is there because we tolerate it. You know the spell – Shaun of the Dead was right on the money in showing up modern society for a bunch of zombies doing the same thing over and over and ultimately accepting that that’s just how some people are. Call it the Muggle Effect, or the 9-to-5/2.4 kids Trap, the idea that we work to afford the car we don’t want and the house we have to buy near the job we hate so we can get to work the next day…

Baphometic body

Baphometic body (by the talented Luke Brown)

So why is the Mundane Spell even here? You can pick your cause. Did the Demiurge install it to stem the rising tide of self-aware proto-Gods achieving the Pleroma? Is it a natural reaction to the attainment of Samadhi by the select few, that the many must be lashed to the wheel of Samsara even harder? Are people just apathetic dicks? You decide.

Of course, we are all the cool kids who took the red pill, “escaped”, and are capable of Dreaming a Dream all around us which is better than that terrible Spell. Or at least we think we are. You know what I mean – we’re okay man. We’re working on it, we’re kicking ass and taking Divine Names and assuming Godforms. We’re alright, Jacobus. Is that enough? I’m not so sure it is, because we can all look to the internal alchemy of becoming Baphomet and realising the Divine within us, but that still leaves everyone else falling behind. So let’s look at something more.

Baphomet is an amazing Deity, because it is the Godform that Ideas can assume. We create things as we go; servitors for this spell or charm, draw in Angels or Demons for that talisman or result, and build Egregores as groups. We can build a God out of these combined Egregores, Servitors, Supernatural Assistants, Fae helpers and personal Angels and Demons. Adam Kadmon for the modern age, the Age of Baphomet. What if we put all these Willed magicks together?

Now, don’t get me wrong, we do not and cannot all Will the same thing at the same time. Do we have to, though? Let me share with you a thought experiment:

“If we are all cells in the Body of God, then surely a mass of cells won’t do very much. Cells specialise, they organise, they form into tissues and organs and systems, and that is how a Body functions.”

Divine organisation

Divine organisation

Follow this along. We, the magicians and pagans and occultists and witches and wizards and druids and sorcerers, are the active cells. Everyone else is terribly important – a stomach on its own is just an empty Haggis! – but we are the vital parts, and when we come together in our own groups, we form the Organs of the Body of God. Each Tradition, Order, Lineage – each major group has a purpose, whatever it is, that is concerned with the Great Work – the conscious evolution of the human race towards godhood, one Initiate at a time. They can’t be the same, but then they should not be. We can build Baphomet, out of all of us working together, we can smash the Mundane Spell and make a real Change in the metaphysical terrain. Ultimate Victory, Great Work achieved, back home for Tea and Cakes of Light.

It’s a great theory, and I’d like to test that. To do so, I invite you to the Occult Conference 2014, held in Glastonbury next March 22nd. We will have some excellent speakers, including this Blog’s own Nikki Wyrd and Julian Vayne, and we are making a strong case for the Occult Community becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s build Baphomet, and see what we can really do with Hir power. I dare you!

Sef Salem

2 thoughts on “On Building the Body of God

  1. Luke Brown says:

    This is my image of Baphomet being used for this article.. If you want to see more of my work, check out http://www.spectraleyes.com for more…
    Thanks 🙂

    • This is one of my favourite images of Baphomet; when I first saw it some years ago it was pivotal in my revisioning of hir. Huge thanks to you, Luke, for materialising such a numinous piece of work!

      And for anyone not already familiar with Luke’s art, I would strongly recommend a visit to his website, he is a brilliant artist.


      Edit: I have put a link to spectraleyes.com next to the picture now, for those who don’t read the comments… apologies for not thinking to do this in the first place, Luke!

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