Erbeth Transmissions

The Erbeth Transmission is a heady Gnostic myth for the postmodern age that fuses the insights of the Gurdjieff work with Setian philosophy. A spiritual sci-fi allegory that in the spirit of Milton and CS Lewis allows us to feel full sympathy for the Devil.  In contrast to Lewis, Fredric’s was “ Surprised by Jeep!” in 2006, and after this road traffic trauma, began receiving new insights that permeated through his initiated psyche.

Erbeth, the mystical life force is permeating all and holds the key to the type of true awakening that those in authority wish to keep you ignorant of. We are not alone in the universe, the Cosmos is rich with spiritual allies cheering on the luciferian endeavours of humanity as its seeks its own psychic emancipation! Beelzebub with his multi-facted eyes calls us to rise from our slumber and embrace the universe’s rich complexity.


The video and sound track below is a collaborative work. Be warned, it features some moving and disturbing material.

Erbeth Transmission I from julian vayne on Vimeo.

Further material about the Erbeth Transmission can be found HERE

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  1. zenelf says:

    A more up-to-date link to the video and the excellent EOB site:

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