Shaktis from the Lab

Below are four Shakti invocations that I have been working with recently. Many of the images used are distilled from the excellent “Tantra Magick” by Sri Lokanath (Mike Magee) – this text is now available here.

I’m planning to use these adaptations as part of ritual opening – the plan being for Julian to deploy a cunning pathworking in which the participants journey to the temple of Shiva (here). Such are the benefits of working with others in a magickal context and this piecing together of things reflects nicely the organic process of ritual design.

“I am the Goddess in the East,
Suffused with golden light and clothed in space.
I glow like the rising sun, skin like beaten gold.
I am air: both the gentle breeze and the tornado.
I am the giver of knowledge-
Know me in sexual union with my beloved.”

“I am the Goddess in the South,
Blood red and aflame,
Clothed in space and burning up the world with Will.
I sit astride a roaring, red lion
The talons and teeth are mine!
I am the scarlet one.”

“I am the Goddess in the West,
She of the depths, She who dares to Love.
Clothed in space and turquoise hue
I hold forth the chalice of Shambhala.
Seated on a beautiful eagle
I am the glistening one!”

“I am the Goddess of the North
Verdant to excess and seated on a bull!
I am foundation. My smile speaks quiet and peace.
Clothed in space and moving through vast open fields
Mine is the green realm of Now.”




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